The Comfort Club

The Comfort Club

Enroll in the Comfort Club today and save!
Make the best choice for savings, response, protection, care, and safety. Preventative maintenance is the key to the long healthy life of your heating and cooling equipment. For only pennies a day, Comfort Heating & Air offers preventative maintenance, semi-annually to your home heating and cooling system. We service all brands and never charge overtime. You can get peace of mind, while adding years of life to your HVAC unit.

What we do:

  • A comprehensive safety operations cleaning.
  • Clean the Outdoor Condenser Coil.
  • Inspect and clear primary and secondary drain lines.
  • Check operating pressures for proper refrigerant charge.
  • Oil and lubricate all moving parts (where applicable).
  • Check and tighten any loose electrical connections.
  • Monitor furnace cycle/AC cycle.
  • Monitor voltage amperage draw on all motors.
  • Change UPGRADED PLEATED filters, one standard filter (1 inch) per system that is covered on your plan.
  • Inspect the Indoor Evaporation Coil, if accessible.
  • Clean and check thermostat.
  • Adjust blower components and adjust air flow for proper temperature rise. (as necessary).

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Our Promise:
With “The Comfort Plan”, your home is protected from the annoyance of unexpected breakdowns. If a problem does occur, you go to the top of our service list. You will be
priority-service protected every hour of every day from heat or air conditioning breakdowns.

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